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is about empathy. It's about taking care of people in a completely different way.

Exterior Coffee Shop.jpg

During a 16-week design investigation and future-planning strategies studio, the relationship between Marcel Breuer's Bell Banner and the St. John's campus was explored. 

Through analyzing the campus as a whole, the importance of placement became the main driver for my project. Understanding the importance behind its placement, a decision to move the banner, elongating the church processional and creating a larger public area was explored. 

St. John's

Campus Planning

Over the course of an eight week period, students worked in teams of five to think creatively and intentionally about what a dental complex encompasses. 

Through learning users and occupants wants/needs of the space, this design promotes and allows doctors, dentists, healthcare professionals and staff to increase efficiency and thrive in their work environment.

Brookings Dental Complex



Understanding history and integrating human-centered design, an 8-week model-making intensive studio proposed a new way of thinking about a public building in the historic North Loop area of Minneapolis. 

Through analyzing human behavior and interpreting where people are most attracted in a building -- lighting was the main aspect of the exterior design and brought forward a design proposition for the historic neighborhood was proposed.

Night Sky_edited.jpg
North Loop

Public Occupancy



I am ambitious. I am eager. I am optimistic. 

My name is Lauren Burton and I am a Master of Architecture student at the University of Minnesota. I hold my Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design. 


I choose to approach each and every situation with a positive attitude and a smile on my face -- I don't stop until I am proud. I am also a firm believer that a little bit of chocolate can make any situation better. 




06  /  09  /  2022

I celebrated working with BWBR for two years


09  /  07  /  2021

I began pursuing a Master of Architecture at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. 


 05 /  08  /  2021

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design and a minor in Studio Arts from South Dakota State University. 

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